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Java is a modern object-oriented programming language that can run in any environment for which a Java run-time system has been created - that is almost all environments.
Java Java is a full-function robust language that is used for many types of programming, from applets that run in a client web browser window to complete applications that run on mainframes, midrange and all size computers with practically all operating systems.

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This page was last updated January 04 2014.
Java  book
Java  book

Featured Books on Java
[WebSphere Java ]
Introduction to Java Using WebSphere, 2nd Edition

By Robert W. Janson

Developing Java client- and server-based applications using WebSphere V6 Java basics, GUI and editors, Java language, logic, servlets, Java Server pages, Database access, how to install a Java application on a PC and on WAS.
Inspect/Order Introduction to Java Using WebSphere, 2nd Edition

[Java dummies]
Developing Java Software (For Dummies)

By Russel Winder

Object-oriented design and programming concepts using the Java 5 programming language. How to use classes, generics.
Inspect/Order Developing Java Software (For Dummies)

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IBM Redbooks on Java
[Java advanced programming]
Java Cookbook

By Ian F. Darwin

For Java 8. Many useful examples and problem solutions. Published May 2014.
Inspect/Order Java Cookbook

[Java Examples programming]
Java Performance: The Definitive Guide Paperback

By Scott Oaks

How to increase Java performance with the latest machines and operating systems. Published May 2014.
Inspect/Order Java Performance: The Definitive Guide Paperback

[Java advanced programming]
Java in 21 Days, Sams Teach Yourself

By Rogers Cadenhead

Learn Java 8 from the basics on up. (7th Edition) Published May 2014.
Inspect/Order Java in 21 Days, Sams Teach Yourself

[Java Examples programming]
Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies

By Barry Burd

How to write computer programs, using Java 8. Published April 2014.
Inspect/Order Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies

[Java advanced programming]
Java The Complete Reference

By Herbert Schildt

Updated for Java 8. Builds on the success of the previous editions. Published April 2014.
Inspect/Order Java The Complete Reference

[Java Examples programming]
Functional Programming in Java: Harnessing the Power Of Java 8 Lambda Expressions

By Venkat Subramaniam

Start using the new, powerful features of Java 8. Published February 2014.
Inspect/Order Functional Programming in Java: Harnessing the Power Of Java 8 Lambda Expressions

[Effective Java Programming Language Guide]
Effective Java Programming Language Guide

By Joshua Bloch

Reviewers say that this book will make a Java guru out of an experienced Java programmer. Extensive information about creating and using objects that you won't find in too many other books.
Inspect/Order Effective Java Programming Language Guide

[Struts ]
Struts Survival Guide: Basics to Best Practices

By Srikanth Shenoy

Struts is the most popular MVC framework used for J2EE web application development. The book gets you up to speed quickly. Some readers complain about grammatical and typographical errors.
Inspect/Order Struts Survival Guide: Basics to Best Practices

[Java Tutorial for the Real World By Yakov Fain]

A Java Tutorial consisting of twenty one lessons that cover the Java programming language and such technologies as Servlets,JSP,EJB and JMS. It also includes questions and answers for technical job interviews.
[Java for the Cobol Programmer By E. Reed Doke]

Finally someone who understands the way of thinking of COBOL programmers (non-objected oriented) and knows how to present Java for COBOL programmers in a way that is understandable.
[Java Programming with IBM WebSphere By Kyle Brown]

Java Programming in the IBM WebSphere environment. Suitable for intermediate to advanced Java programmers, Enterprise Java Programming with IBM WebSphere is an up-to-the-minute guide to creating server software using the latest Java standards
[Enterprise JavaBeans By Richard Monson-Haefel ]

Enterprise JavaBeans. How to use Sun's powerful Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) technology to develop server-side components.
[Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans (2nd Edition) Ed Roman]

If you want to master EJB, then Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans is the right book for you! It covers everything from basics of the EJB to the more advanced topics like transactions, performance and clustering.
[Developing Java Beans By Robert Englander]

Developing Java Beans is a good book for learning JavaBeans and all the other associated topics. It covers JavaBeans, the 1.1 event model, properties, persistence, JAR files, BeanBox, introspection, and ActiveX.
[Professional Java Server Programming J2Ee 1.4 Edition, by Ajit Sagar 1861008139]

For the developer or IT manager tackling server-side and Web-based enterprise Java applications, Professional Java Server Programming J2EE offers an excellent guide to the world of Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) APIs and programming techniques.
[The Java Developer's Guide to Eclipse By Sherry Shavor]

Eclipse is a world-class Java IDE, a platform for building and integrating application development tools, and an open source project and community. An excellent reference for the Java Developer using Eclipse.
[Head First Java by Bert Bates]

Fourth Edition. This book is good for learning Java because of its unique approach which shows you what you need to know about Java syntax, and encourages you to think like a Java programmer. Mastering object oriented programming requires a certain way of thinking, not just a certain way of writing code.
[Thinking in Java By Bruce Eckel ]

Third Edition. Thinking in Java is a thorough treatment of the Java language, with special attention to object design. (For instance, 10 pages of sample code show all of the available operators.)
[Struts in Action: Building Web Applications with the Leading java Framework by Ted Husted]

This book is Definitely a Must Have for any Java Struts J2EE Developer.
[Core J2EE Patterns: Best Practices and Design Strategies By Deepak Alur]

Core J2EE Patterns gives you solutions to real-world problems.
[Programming Jakarta Struts by Chuck Cavaness]

The Jakarta engine ranks as the interface server of choice in a Java environment, and the Jakarta Struts Framework 1.1 makes it far easier to implement multitier information systems. It contains all you need to know about Programming Jakarta Struts.
[Mastering Jakarta Struts By James Goodwill]

Mastering Jakarta Struts is a code-intensive guide to using the Jakarta Struts Framework to build Java Web applications. Multiple examples show how to build applications using Jakarta Struts.
[Jakarta Pitfalls: Time-Saving Solutions for Struts, Ant, JUnit, and Cactus by Bill Dudney]

The dangers of Jakarta. Pitfalls are everywhere and countless developers have already been trapped. These mistakes have delayed schedules, allowed major bugs to get into the users’ hands, or led to numerous rewrites in maintenance. This book will help you avoid them.
[Java Extreme Programming Cookbook. By Eric M. Burke]

Java Extreme Programming Cookbook contains over 100 "recipes" for quickly doing XP.
[iSeries AS/400 Java ]
iSeries and AS/400 Java at Work

By Don Denoncourt

64 previously published articles that cover the IBM package of Java components; the use of the SQL of Java Database Connectivity to manipulate relational data; event-driven programming for client-side Java applications; and ways for Java and RPG/COBOL to communicate; the use of supporting technologies such as HTML, HTTP, JavaScript, XML, and XSL; server side applications; performance tuning; and the use of Enterprise of JavaBeans.
Inspect/Order iSeries and AS/400 Java at Work

[Java and the AS/400]
Java and the AS/400: Practical Examples for the iSeries and AS/400

By Daniel Darnell

Creating and deploying AS/400 and iSeries Java applications. In addition to other topics, it covers the AS/400 Toolbox for Java and the enhancements to ILE RPG that let you directly manipulate Java objects in your RPG code.
Inspect/Order Java and the AS/400

[Java Server Pages]

JavaServer Pages, 3rd Edition

By Hans Bergsten

Covers custom tag libraries, Apache Tomcat server, JSTL, JavaBeans. Generating dynamic content, handling session information, authenticating users.
Inspect/Order JavaServer Pages, 3rd Edition

[Enterprise JavaBeans ejb book]
Head First Ejb: Passing the Sun Certified Business Component Developer Exam

By Kathy Sierra

Sun Microsystem's latest developer certification. Tricks and tips for EJB development. With sample exam questions so you can test yourself.
Inspect/Order Head First Ejb

[Java advanced programming]
The Art of Java

By Herbert Schildt

For experienced Java programmers. How to apply Java to a wide variety of high-powered applications, each demonstrating different features and techniques. Examples range from language interpreters, Web crawlers, and e-mail subsystems to expression parsers, statistical tools, and financial applets.
Inspect/Order The Art of Java

[Java Examples programming]
Java EE Applications on the Oracle Java Cloud: Develop, Deploy, Monitor, and Manage Your Java Cloud Applications

By Harshad Oak

How to use the Oracle Java Cloud to develop JavaEE applications. Published May 2014.
Inspect/Order Java EE Applications on the Oracle Java Cloud: Develop, Deploy, Monitor, and Manage Your Java Cloud Applications

[Java Data Objects]
Core Java Data Objects

By Keiron McCammon, Heiko Bobzin, Sameer Tyagi

Using realistic code examples, this book's expert authors cover creating, reading, updating, and deleting persistent objects; object lifecycles and state transitions; JDO classes and APIs; queries, architecture, security, and much more.
Inspect/Order Core Java Data Objects

[Object-Oriented Java Cobol book]
COBOL Programmers Swing with Java

By E. Reed Doke

Many people report that it's hard to make the transition from COBOL type programming to Java. This book will help. COBOL Programmers Swing to Java provides COBOL programmers a clear, easy transition to Java programming by drawing on the numerous similarities between COBOL and Java.
Inspect/Order COBOL Programmers Swing with Java

[Developing Mainframe Java Applications]
Developing Mainframe Java Applications

By Lou Marco

For mainframe programmers who need to learn how to develop Java applications Compares Java and mainframe languages such as COBOL and PL/I. Covers Java implementations for IBM's OS/390.
Inspect/Order Developing Mainframe Java Applications

[Java Cobol book]
Java for S/390® and AS/400® COBOL Programmers

By Phil Coulthard

Helps COBOL programmers make the jump to Java, with numerous comparisons with COBOL. Intended for programmers on the AS/400 and S/390.
Inspect/Order Java for S/390® and AS/400® COBOL Programmers

[OO Cobol book]

By Markus Knasmüller

This book gives experienced COBOL programmers the tools needed to become good Object-Oriented programmers. An experienced programmer who knows COBOL is much more valuable to an employer than a naive, inexperienced programmer who has memorized the syntax of Java.
Inspect/Order From COBOL to OOP

[Jakarta Struts Cookbook]
Jakarta Struts Cookbook

By Bill Siggelkow

Jakarta Struts Framework is a popular open source platform for building web applications with Java. The book is a collection of code solutions to common--and uncommon--problems encountered when working with the Struts Framework.
Inspect/Order Jakarta Struts Cookbook

Java Jakarta Struts book

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