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JavaScript Books

JavaScript is a powerful language used on web pages. These books will assure that you know what you are doing.
This page was last updated January 04 2014.
Java  book

Featured Books on JavaScript
[WebSphere Java ]
Javascript for Beginners

By Mark Lassoff

A clear explanation of how to program the main language of the browser.
Inspect/Order Javascript for Beginners

[Javascript Book] Javascript: The Definitive Guide

By: David Flanagan.

This one is my favorites. It really is the definitive guide. Definitely not for the beginner. If Object-Oriented concepts are new, you'll have to read more carefully.
Order Javascript: The Definitive Guide from Amazon.com

Check to see if any new books have been published on Java: Books on JavaScript at Amazon.com

[JavaScript Book] JavaScript Demystified

By: James Keogh

A self-teaching guide to writing dynamic web pages with JavaScript.
Order JavaScript Demystified from Amazon.com

[JavaScript Book] Professional JavaScript for Web Developers

By: Nicholas C. Zakas

Takes JavaScript seriously as a programming language. Teaches you the basics, object-oriented programming, XML, Web Services and remote scripting. Covers security, privacy, optimization, intellectual property issues, and obfuscation.
Order Professional JavaScript for Web Developers from Amazon.com

v [Java Examples programming]
Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies

By Barry Burd

How to write computer programs, using Java 8. Published April 2014.
Inspect/Order Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies

[JavaScript Book] JavaScript: Your Visual Blueprint for Building Dynamic Web Pages, 2nd Edition

By: Eric Pascarello

A visually oriented, hands-on approach to JavaScript. 500 screenprints demonstrate how to use bottons, detect browser type, change colors, and use forms.
Order JavaScript: Your Visual Blueprint for Building Dynamic Web Pages, 2nd Edition from Amazon.com

JavaScript: Complete Concepts and Techniques (Shelly Cashman Series)

By Gary B. Shelly, Thomas J. Cashman, William Dorin, Jeffrey Quasney

Several of the authors have already established an excellent reputation in the mainframe area. Now they are applying their skills to the latest in Web Development.
Order JavaScript: Complete Concepts and Techniques) from Amazon.com

[Javascript Book] Server-Side JavaScript(tm): Developing Integrated Web Applications

By: Robert Husted, J. J. Kuslich.

Order Server-Side JavaScript from Amazon.com

[Javascript Book] Mastering Javascript

By: James Jaworski.

Order Mastering Javascript from Amazon.com

[Javascript Book] JavaScript For DummiesŪ

By: Emily A. Vander Veer.

Order JavaScript For DummiesŪ from Amazon.com

[Javascript Book] Javascript Sourcebook: Creative Interactive Javascript Programs for the World Wide Web

By: Gordon McComb.

Order Setting up an Internet Site for Dummies from Amazon.com

[Javascript Book] JavaScript Application Cookbook

By: Jerry Bradenbaugh.

Order JavaScript Application Cookbook from Amazon.com

[Javascript Book] Javascript and Html 4.0 User's Resource

By: William H. Murray, Chris H. Pappas.

Order Javascript and Html 4.0 User's Resource from Amazon.com

[Javascript Book] Java Script Cd Cookbook

By:Erica Sadun, J. Brook Monroe.

Order Java Script Cd Cookbook from Amazon.com

[Javascript Book] Essential Java Script for Web Professionals

By: Dan Barrett, Dan Livingston, Micah Brown.

Order Essential Java Script for Web Professionals from Amazon.com

[Java Data Objects]
Head First JavaScript Programming

By Eric T. Freeman

Learn how to use JavaScript to liven up your web pages.
Inspect/Order Head First JavaScript Programming

[Object-Oriented Java Cobol book]
Speaking JavaScript

By Axel Rauschmayer

Explanations and sample code to get you up to speed fast.
Inspect/Order Speaking JavaScript

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