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MVS Job Control Language is at the basis of everything done on an MVS system.
All jobs, tasks and on-line system are started up with JCL.
Mastery of JCL removes your dependence on those old, out of date, sets of JCL that have been passed down from programmer to programmer since the early 1970's, and which no one understands, and no one dares to modify because if they do they WILL DO VAST DAMAGE!
Be less dangerous by learning JCL.
Click on any item to find out more, order, or to go to Amazon.com and look around.
This page was last updated May 23 2014.

We have books by such respected authors as Gary D. Brown and James Janossy
JCL book

Featured JCL Books

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[JCL book]
MVS JCL in Plain English

By Donna Kelly

Published in October 2002! This new book will get you understanding JCL faster than any other book on the market today.
Inspect/Order MVS JCL in Plain English

[JCL book]
Practical MVS JCL Examples

By James G. Janossy

Practical MVS JCL Examples has been revised to be a companion/reference to Gary Brown's System 370/390 JCL, known as the "JCL Bible," it contains a significant amount of actual JCL examples in the context of a single large model program, added upon as each new feature of JCL is introduced.
Inspect/Order Practical MVS JCL Examples

[JCL book]
MVS JCL & Utilities

By Brumbaugh

Rather high price for a book printed in 1989! Must be a collector's item!
Inspect/Order MVS JCL & Utilities

zOS JCL. 5th Edition

By Gary Deward Brown

This is the classic JCL book! It is the best reference on the subject.
The 5th edition, June 2002. Chapters on Linkage Editor, IBM utilities, Sort/Merge utility, VSAM, TSO/E, ISPF, and REXX.
Inspect/Order zOS JCL

[System 390 JCL]
Murach's OS/390 and z/OS JCL

By Raul Menendez, Doug Lowe

Did you think there'd ever be a NEW book on JCL? There is! This is it. And they said the mainframe was a dinosaur, a relic, an antique, legacy etc.
This book is much more than JCL code, though. It gives you an insight into mainframe processing that any programmer or operator will benefit from. You’ll find out about the hardware components that your JCL is controlling. You’ll find out about the operating system operations that affect the efficiency of your jobs. You’ll find out how file-handling facilities, like VSAM, SMS, and HFS, fit into the overall picture. In fact, you’ll get a complete view of the facilities that OS/390 and z/OS offer.
CLIST and REXX, IBM Utilities, VSAM and Access Methods Services, SMS, JCL procedures and UNIX system services.
The above tells me that this is a REAL WORLD book - telling you what you really need to know, not just JCL.
As with most of Murach's books, the words "how to" are used a few thousand times...
Inspect/Order Murach's OS/390 and z/OS JCL

Expert MVS/XA JCL: A Guide to Advanced Techniques

By M. Carathanassis

This book goes deeper and farther than most on the market. Probably too deep for most practical uses.
Inspect/Order MVS/XA JCL

MVS JCL Quick Reference Guide

By Olivia Carmandi

MVS JCL Quick Reference Guide by Olivia Carmandi

All JCL Statements with examples. Syntax. Explanations of when to code DD statements, Procedures, symbolics, backward references.
Inspect/Order MVS JCL Quick Reference Guide from the Publisher

[JCL book]
MVS/JCL: Mastering Job Control Language MVS JCL

By Gabriel F. Gargiulo

Teach yourself JCL by simulating a real world environment. Written in 1991. It is out of date, but still useful for anyone who would like to teach him/herself MVS JCL.
Amazon has it both new and used.
Inspect/Order Mastering MVS JCL

[JCL book]
OS Utilities

By Doug Lowe

A classic, but useful book until there is no more MVS/OS390. Very much out of date.
Inspect/Order OS Utilities

[Mvs/JCL book]
The MVS JCL Primer (J. Ranade IBM Series)

By Saba Zamir

Good reference book for MVS/ESA JCL. There are several used copies available. An introduction to JCL, for COBOL programmers in IBM's MVS mainframe operating environment. Includes examples and step-by-step explanations of VSAM, JCL utilities, TSO/ISPF, and JOB and DD statements. Published October 1994, but very useful for today's programmer.
Inspect/Order The MVS JCL Primer (J. Ranade IBM Series)

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