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MySQL is a powerful, open source database system that works on multiple platforms. The language is SQL - essentially the same language used on other relational database management systems.

MySQL Manuals / Tutorials

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[MySQL Book] High Performance MySQL

By: Jeremy D. Zawodny

It explains MySQL core concepts very well, and tells how to improve the reliability, scalability, and performance of MySQL.
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[MySQL Book] MySQL Tutorial

By: Luke Welling

A great introduction to MySQL. Shows how to create and administer databases for the Web.
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[MySQL Book] Sams Teach Yourself MySQL in 10 Minutes

By: Ben Forta

Short and simple tutorials on MySQL. You won't learn MySQL in 10 minutes, but you will have a valuable book that shows how to use MySQL tools, write queries, use MySQL functions, do unions, add, change and delete rows and manage security.
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[MySQL Book] Pro MySQL

By: Michael Kruckenberg

Explains clustering, replication, transactions, and subqueries to the experienced MySQL 5 programmer.
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[MySQL Book] MySQL In A Nutshell

By: Russell Dyer

A handy reference: MySQL functions, APIs for PHP, Perl, and C, MySQL utilities.
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[MySQL Book] MySQL (3rd Edition)

By: Paul DuBois

A great introduction to MySQL 5 databases. A great reference for MySQL 5 programmers.
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[MySQL Book] Beginning MySQL Database Design and Optimization: From Novice to Professional

By: Chad Russell

How to design MySQL databases for efficiency. How to use the right datatypes, when to use one table and when to use multiple tables, when to use a single query and when to use multiple queries.
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