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Perl & CGI Bookstore

40 books on Perl. Perl is widely used to write server-side programs that process input from a webpage (client-side).
The environment in which these programs run is called CGI. CGI is often found in a web server running Unix or Linux, so you may want to check out our books on Unix/Linux.
These books will make the job of learning Perl much easier.
Click on any item to find out more, order, or to go to Amazon.com and look around.

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Featured Perl Book

[Perl Book] Perl Core Language, Little Black Book Coriolis Press

By Steven Holzner

Excellent book in a very useful format. Buy this first. With great, illustrative examples, but not for beginners in programming.
Inspect/Order Perl Core Language

[Perl Book] Pro Perl Parsing

By Andrew L. Johnson

How to parse with Perl: regular expressions and techniques for parsing.
Inspect/Order Pro Perl Parsing

[Perl Book] Advanced Perl Programming

By Simon Cozens

Published June 28, 2005. Covers the latest features such as introspection, overriding built-ins, extending Perl's OO model, object-related mapping and event-based development.
Inspect/Order Advanced Perl Programming

[Perl Book] Perl Best Practices

By Damian Conway

The rules, standards and conventions that make for a good solid program.
Inspect/Order Perl Best Practices

[Perl Book] Learning Perl

By Randal Schwartz

A clear presentation of Perl concepts, such as data structures, minimal matching, threading, data parsing, references, objects, modules, package implementation.
Inspect/Order Learning Perl

[Perl Book] Minimal Perl: For UNIX and Linux People

By Tim Maher

For the programmer who uses Unix and/or Linux.
Inspect/Order Minimal Perl: For UNIX and Linux People

[Perl Book] Beginning Perl Web Development: From Novice to Professional

By Steve Suehring

How to parse with Perl: regular expressions and techniques for parsing.
Inspect/Order Beginning Perl Web Development: From Novice to Professional

[Perl Book] Sams Teach Yourself Perl in 24 Hours (3rd Edition)

By Clinton Pierce

Getting started with Perl for CGI programming.
Inspect/Order Sams Teach Yourself Perl in 24 Hours (3rd Edition)

[Perl Book] Pro Perl

By Peter Wainwright

For experienced programmers who want to use Perl on Unix, Windows, and Mac platforms. Many examples of code.
Inspect/Order Pro Perl

[Perl Book] Pro Perl Debugging

By Richard Foley

Perl is not written for debugging. This book provides much needed help on how find bugs in Perl programs.
Inspect/Order Pro Perl Debugging

[Perl Book] Perl 5 by Example. Que Books

By David Medinets

Contains CD Rom you can use to install PERL. A complete book on Perl. Complete reference. Somewhat light on examples, in spite of its name.
Inspect/Order Perl 5 by Example

[CGI Perl Book] CGI Programming, with Perl

By Scott Guelich

After you get started with CGI, this is the book to get. This will tell you things you really need. As essentially all of O'Reilly books, it is high quality.
Inspect/Order CGI Programming, with Perl

[Perl Book] Sams Teach Yourself Perl in 24 Hours, Second Edition

By Clinton Pierce

Inspect/Order Sams Teach Yourself Perl in 24 Hours

[Perl Book] Perl Developer's Dictionary

By Clinton Pierce

Inspect/Order Perl Developer's Dictionary

[Perl Book] Sams Teach Yourself Perl in 21 Days

By Laura Lemay

Inspect/Order Sams Teach Yourself Perl in 21 Days

[Perl Book] CGI Programming 101, Perl for the World Wide Web

By Jacqueline Hamilton

How to get started with CGI programming in Perl. Extremely clear book will get you started in CGI.
Inspect/Order CGI Programming 101

[Perl Book] Debugging Perl

By Martin Brown

Tells you the things your mother never told you about Perl.
Inspect/Order Debugging Perl

[Perl Book] Perl Power

By Schilli

Inspect/Order Perl Power

[Perl Book] Learning Perl on Win32 Systems

By Randal L. Schwartz

Inspect/Order Learning Perl on Win32 Systems

[Perl Book] Perl & XML

By Erik T. Ray

New: April 2002. Perl & XML is aimed at Perl programmers who need to work with XML documents and data. The book covers all the major modules for XML processing in Perl, including XML::Simple, XML::Parser, XML::LibXML, XML::XPath, XML::Writer, XML::Pyx, XML::Parser::PerlSAX, XML::SAX, XML:: SimpleObject, XML::TreeBuilder, XML::Grove, XML::DOM, XML::RSS, XML::Generator::DBI, and SOAP::Lite
Inspect/Order Perl & XML

[Perl Book] XML and Perl

By Mark Riehl

New: October 2002. Using practical, real-world examples, this book demonstrates how to perform a variety of XML tasks, ranging from basic tasks such as XML parsing to more advanced tasks such as writing XML event handlers, RDBMS integration, and XML transformation.
Inspect/Order XML and Perl

[Perl Book] Programming the Network With Perl

By Paul Barry

This book covers network programming with Perl but goes beyond programming network sockets. It presents the entire spectrum of skills network professionals need, including the ability to analyze network traffic that programs generate, efficient interaction with standard network protocols, and effective management of complex network systems.
Inspect/Order Programming the Network With Perl

[Perl Book] Programming Web Services with Perl

By Scott Guelich

An O'Reilly book. Description available soon.
Inspect/Inspect/Order Programming Web Services with Perl from Amazon.com

[Perl Book] Perl in a Nutshell (2nd Edition; O'Reilly Perl)

By Ellen Siever

New: May 2002. An O'Reilly book. Description available soon.
Inspect/Order Perl in a Nutshell (2nd Edition; O'Reilly Perl) from Amazon.com

[Perl Book] Advanced Perl Programming

By Sriram Srinivasan

Presents the complex techniques for production-ready Perl programs. Explains methods for manipulating data and objects and sets Perl in the context of a larger environment, providing the background needed for dealing with networks, databases, and GUIs.
Inspect/Order Advanced Perl Programming

[Perl System Administration] Perl for System Administration

By David N. Blank-Edelman

The soul and source of Perl's core competence is Unix system administration, and another O'Reilly tome on Perl tricks for managing backups would not have been welcome. But the subtitle Managing Multiplatform Environments with Perl communicates the essential task: how to administer heterogeneous Unix, Windows NT/2000, and Mac OS systems from the same Perl-based conceptual platform.
Inspect/Order Perl for System Administration

[Perl Book] Perl in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference

By Ellen Siever

Perl in a Nutshell strives to be a perfect set of socket tools for the active Perl programmer. By and large, it succeeds, providing endless and well-thought-out lists and tables on the language's modules, flags, and extensions.
Inspect/Order Perl in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference

[Perl Cookbook] Perl Cookbook

By Tom Christiansen

Published Aug 2003. The Perl Cookbook is a comprehensive collection of problems, solutions, and practical examples for anyone programming in Perl. Topics range from beginner questions to techniques that even the most experienced of Perl programmers will learn from.
Inspect/Order Perl Cookbook

[Programming the Perl DBI] Programming the Perl DBI

By Alligator Descartes

At 350 pages, Programming the Perl DBI is 60 percent text--filled with highly annotated Perl code--and 40 percent appendices covering a detailed specification of DBI and 3-to-5-page descriptions of each of the 14 supported databases.
Inspect/Order Programming the Perl DBI

[Perl Book] Programming Perl (3rd Edition)

By Larry Wall

Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language) is a fantastic language for processing text, generating reports, and managing files and processes. Written by the perlson who created Perl (Larry Wall), this book covers the features of the language extremely well. It is written for experienced programmers. Published July 2000.
Inspect/Order Programming Perl (3rd Edition)

[Perl Book] Learning Perl (4th Edition)

By Randal L. Schwartz

In this smooth, carefully paced course, a leading Perl trainer teaches you to program in the language that threatens to make C, sed, awk, and the Unix shell obsolete for many tasks. This book is the "official" guide for both formal (classroom) and informal learning. It is fully accessible to the novice programmer.
July 2005. Inspect/Order Learning Perl (4th Edition)

[Perl Book] Effective Perl Programming: Writing Better Programs With Perl

By Joseph N. Hall

Effective Perl Programming has a clear layout: the text is easy on the eyes and the monospaced font makes a clear distinction between backticks and single quotes. Hall uses his PEGS (PErl Graphical Structures) notation to show the difference between Perl's different types of data structures and how everything ties together.
Inspect/Order Effective Perl Programming: Writing Better Programs With Perl

[Object Oriented Perl] Object Oriented Perl

By Damian Conway

Perl language review, CPAN, Perl objects, 'blessing' and inheritance, polymorphism, Class::Struct and Class::Methodmaker modules, Perl ties and closures, operator overloading, encapsulation, multiple dispatch, Class::Multimethods, coarse-grained and fine-grained object persistence techniques, performance issues.
Inspect/Order Object Oriented Perl

[Perl Book] Perl Debugged

By Peter J. Scott

This guide for novice to intermediate software developers focuses on the process of Perl programming and identifying and correcting mistakes. Beginning with an overview of the Perl documentation, the text then covers debugging, testing, and performance issues. An entire chapter is devoted to CGI programming in Perl. A comprehensive reference of Perl debugger commands also is included.
Inspect/Order Perl Debugged

[Perl Book] Perl: A Beginner's Guide

By R. Allen Wyke

A complete tutorial in Perl programming, for first-time programmers. Covers fundamentals like syntax and subroutines, moving on to explain how to access databases, write CGI programs, and debug code. Paced for self-study, this tutorial offers the source code for all of the projects online. Step-by-step instruction for easy learning.
Inspect/Order Perl: A Beginner's Guide

[Perl Book] Perl for Dummies (with CD-ROM)

By Paul Hoffman

Just because it starts at the beginning--and we're talking about the very basics--doesn't mean that Perl for Dummies doesn't head into more advanced topics. Paul Hoffman explains the programming terminology and mathematical concepts that programming in Perl requires.
Inspect/Order Perl for Dummies (with CD-ROM)

[Perl Book] Elements of Programming With Perl

By Andrew L. Johnson

Introduces the basic elements of computer programming using the context of the Perl language. Variables, loop control constructs, file input and output, regular expressions, references, nested data structures, string and list processing, modules, debugging, abstract data structures and object-oriented programming are covered.
Inspect/Order Elements of Programming With Perl

[Perl Reference Book] Perl Pocket Reference, 4th Edition

By Johan Vromans

Pub. July 2002. The fourth edition of our popular Perl pocket reference now covers the latest release Perl 5.8 with a summary of Perl syntax rules, a complete list of operators, built-in functions, and standard library modules.
Inspect/Order Perl Pocket Reference

[Perl database Book] Perl Database Programming Bible

By Brent Michalski

Published August 2002. Perl, a high-level open source programming language, is ideal for many programming tasks, including database programming. This comprehensive guide covers all aspects of creating database-driven applications with Perl including cutting edge topics such as XML and Web services.
Inspect/Order Perl Database Programming Bible

[Perl Mason Book] Embedding Perl in HTML With Mason

By Dave Rolsky

Mason is a powerful, open source, Perl-based web site development and delivery engine, with features that make it an ideal backend for high load sites serving dynamic content. Mason uses a concept called components: a mix of HTML, Perl, and special Mason commands.
Inspect/Order Embedding Perl in HTML With Mason

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