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REXX Programming Bookstore

REXX is a powerful scripting language used in many of IBM's platforms.
REXX is the scripting language used in IBM's panel display system, the Dialogue Manager. REXX is the language used for ISPF Editor macros. REXX can be used for custom-made programs which do not require the use of a compiler. REXX can be used for application programs but with a noticeable performance penalty over compiled languages.
There is a REXX for VM, VSE, OS/400, CICS TM, Linux, Unix, Windows and a REXX for CGI!
Some of the books on this page:
Practical Usage of TSO REXX
Down to Earth REXX
Cowlishaw The REXX Language: A Practical Approach to Programming
Modern Programming Using REXX
The REXX Language on TSO
REXX in the TSO Environment
REXX functions
Programming in REXX
Object-Oriented Programming With REXX
Command Language Cookbook
The REXX Cookbook Click on any item to find out more, order, or to go to Amazon.com and look around.
This page was last updated May 23 2014.
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Featured Books on REXX

[The REXX Language on TSO]
The REXX Language on TSO.

By Gabriel F. Gargiulo

Publication date: August, 2012.
REXX for mainframe IBM MVS, OS/390, z/OS, TSO. Since there was so much demand for my TSO REXX book, "REXX in the TSO Environment," I decided to write a new one. This book will teach you the REXX language on TSO. If you need REXX for another operating system, you can learn REXX with this book because the differences are minor.
This book teaches you how to use REXX functions and how to create your own. It explains a few of the functions.
Inspect/Order The REXX Language on TSO

[Cowlishaw REXX book]
The REXX Language: A Practical Approach to Programming

By Michael F. Cowlishaw

This book was written by the creator of REXX. It is an excellent book. You should know that it is not about any specific environment, but about the REXX language. Gives excellent insights into the reasons why REXX is the way it is.
Inspect/Order The REXX Language

[REXX programming functions book]
The REXX Language on TSO: REXX Functions

By Gabriel F. Gargiulo

This book is the companion book to The REXX Language on TSO, above. This book covers all the built-in REXX functions. It has a section on TSO commands and ISPF Editor macros. Publication date: August, 2013.
Inspect/Order The REXX Language on TSO: REXX Functions

Check to see if any new books have been published on REXX: Books on REXX at Amazon.com

[Rudd Practical Usage of TSO REXX]
Practical Usage of TSO REXX

By Anthony S. Rudd

6th Edition, published in March 2012, this book answers many of the questions one may have had about REXX on TSO. It's about development of applications in MVS/TSO using the REXX language. Includes REXX features introduced for the OS/390 TSO/E environment.
Inspect/Order Practical Usage of TSO REXX

[REXX ISPF Services Dialogue Manager]
ISPF Services: the Dialogue Manager with REXX Driver Code

How to develop ISPF Dialog Manager panels under TSO using ISPF Services, with REXX as the driver code (scripting language).
This book is no longer available. We suggest this one instead. Practical Usage of ISPF Dialog Manager, by Anthony S. Rudd

[Rexx Programmer's Reference REXX Fosdick]
REXX Programmer's Reference

By Howard Fosdick

This book answers the crying need for up-to-date information on this powerful programming and scripting language.
Covers REXX interpreters for specialized functions-object-oriented, mainframe, and handheld
* There are 8 different free REXX interpreters optimized for different platforms and uses. This book shows how to use them all.
* Shows how to script for GUIs, databases, web servers, XML, and other interfaces.
* Details how to make the best use of REXX tools and interfaces, with examples for both Linux and Windows
Inspect/Order REXX Programmer's Reference

[O'Hara REXX book]
Modern Programming Using REXX

By Robert P. O'Hara

An introduction to programming with the REXX language in the CMS/XEDIT environment. Generally available used.
Inspect/Order Modern Programming Using REXX

[NetREXX java rexx book]
Creating Java Applications Using Netrexx

By IBM Redbooks

Netrexx allows you to do whatever Java does, but with a language (REXX) that is much more friendly and intuitive.
Inspect/Order Creating Java Applications Using Netrexx

[clist perl batch files scripting languages rexx ]
Command Language Cookbook for Mainframes, Minicomputers, and PC'S: Dos/Os/2 Batch Language, Clist, Dcl, Perl, and Rexx

By Hallett German

An overall view of command files for several platforms.
Inspect/Order Command Language Cookbook for Mainframes, Minicomputers, and PC'S

[REXX TSO book]
REXX in the TSO Environment

By Gabriel F. Gargiulo

My book on REXX under TSO. (Available new and used)
Inspect/Order REXX in the TSO Environment at Amazon.com

[Kiesel REXX book]
REXX: Advanced Techniques for Programmers

By Peter C. Kiesel

Available Used. (September 1992) A guide for applications or systems programmers who are already familiar with IBM's SAA procedures language, REXX, to some of the software's more advanced and esoteric capabilities. Considers programming in VM, MVS, and OS/2 environments, and explains how to implement tracing capabilities, handle input arguments, use editor macros, and perform other tasks.
Inspect/Order REXX: Advanced Techniques for Programmers

[REXX os/2 book]
Mastering Os/2 REXX

(Available new and used) Note that the description (Editorial Review) is about my REXX in the TSO Environment book, not about this book. This is about OS/2 REXX. Very basic; shows you step by step how to get started and get going running REXX programs on OS/2.
Inspect/Order Mastering Os/2 REXX

[Ranade Goldberg REXX Handbook]
The REXX Handbook (J. Ranade IBM Series)

By Gabriel Goldberg

Available Used. This book provides a REXX (MVS, VM, OS/2, OS/400) tutorial combined with practical tips on programming methods and application development. Includes practical coverage of: programming for good performance; effective debugging techniques; user interface design strategies; system dependencies and interfaces; program maintenance guidelines; REXX interpreter and compiler implementations. (Multiple platforms, but really good for OS/2)
Inspect/Order The REXX Handbook (J. Ranade IBM Series)

[Nirmal REXX Techniques]
REXX: Tools and Techniques

By Barry K. Nirmal

A very practical book on REXX. Helps you to solve on-the-job problems. Includes dozens of ready-to-use REXX execs. Out of print. Sometimes available used.
Inspect/Order REXX: Tools and Techniques

[Daney REXX Techniques]
Programming in REXX

By Charles Daney

A very practical book on REXX. A basic reference for programming in REXX on the mainframe. Does not cover EXECIO and environment-specific commands. Generally available used.
Inspect/Order Programming in REXX

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