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TSO Time Sharing Option of IBM's mainframe operating system MVS (also called OS/390 or z/OS).
TSO is an on-line interactive program development system that gives access to the same files as with batch (JCL) jobs. With ISPF Dialogue Manager you can create ISPF panels.
CLIST Command List. The earliest type of batch file, or scripting language found on TSO. Does not exist in any other environment. Largely replaced by REXX.
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This page was last updated May 01 2015.

TSO: MVS TSO Part 1: Concepts and ISPF

By Doug Lowe

Introduction to TSO/ISPF: the program development tool of choice for MVS, OS/390, z/OS. Perfect for the newcomer to the mainframe, or someone who has been away for a few years.
Inspect/Order TSO: MVS TSO Part 1: Concepts and ISPF


By Doug Lowe

More about TSO/ISPF for developers. Excellent introduction to TSO native/line mode commands. One of the few rare books that shows you how to do ISPF Edit macros. Gets you started programming with REXX and ISPF Services (Panel system). Some readers have said that it is light on the nuts and bolts of actually creating and running programs. Your co-workers should be able to fill you in on specifics.
Inspect/Order TSO: MVS TSO, CLIST & REXX part 2

MVS-OS/390 TSO Quick Reference Guide

By Olivia Carmandi

Handy when you're at a terminal and there are no manuals! Check it out at MVS-Training.
Inspect/Order TSO Quick Reference Guide from MVS-Training

[TSO book]
TSO: MVS TSO/ISPF: Guide for Users & Developers

By Kurt Bosler

Numerous TSO/ISPF screen prints provide a guide for TSO commands, file manipulation and editing under the MVS TSO (Time Sharing Option) of IBM mainframes.
Inspect/Order TSO: MVS TSO/ISPF: Guide for Users & Developers

[TSO book]

Gabriel F. Gargiulo

Written in 1990. Teach yourself Native/ready mode TSO and ISPF.
Inspect/Order MVS/TSO

[REXX ISPF Services Dialogue Manager]
ISPF Services: the Dialogue Manager with REXX Driver Code

How to develop ISPF Dialog Manager panels under TSO using ISPF Services, with REXX as the driver code (scripting language).
This book is no longer available. We suggest this one instead. Practical Usage of ISPF Dialog Manager, by Anthony S. Rudd

[ISPF TSO book]
Practical TSO/ISPF for Programmers and the Information Center

By James G. Janossy

This book quickly gets you creating files, programs, submitting jobs and inspecting the results on MVS TSO/ISPF. Jim Janossy writes with a clear, interesting style. Available new and used.
Inspect/Order Practical TSO/ISPF for Programmers and the Information Center

[ISPF Dialog Manager book]
Practical Usage of ISPF Dialog Manager

By Anthony S. Rudd

This is the newer version of ISBN 0136835821, which is still available. It contains solid information on using the ISPF Dialog Manager to create dialogue applications with REXX or CLIST as the scripting language. It clearly shows you how to create and use ISPF skeletons, tables, and ISPF library management services. There are many examples. Not for the very beginner.
Inspect/Order Practical Usage of ISPF Dialog Manager

[ISPF Dialog Manager book]
Using IBM's ISPF Dialog Manager Under MVS, VM, and VSE

By Howard Fosdick

This is an old one, and for a while, the only one. It looks like you can get this book used at Amazon at a low price. Grab one! Many examples with COBOL, TSO-CLIST, VM/CMS and VSE. No examples in REXX. If you know TSO, this book will get you started doing ISPF panels.
Inspect/Order Using IBM's ISPF Dialog Manager Under MVS, VM, and VSE

The CLIST Bookstore

[TSO CLIST Programming Language]
MVS/TSO: Mastering CLISTs (QED IBM mainframe series)

By Barry K Nirmal

It is very hard to find any book on TSO CLIST, a scripting language used on MVS/TSO. This book will tell you what you need to know about this programming language which was developed on, and still exists on MVS/OS/390/Zos TSO. The book contains numerous CLISTs that you can copy and use. If you are maintaining old CLISTs or writing new ones, this book will help you.
Inspect/Order MVS/TSO: Mastering CLISTs (QED IBM mainframe series)

[TSO CLIST Programming Language]
TSO/E CLISTs: Basics, Applications and Advanced Techniques

By Hallett German

Numerous examples guide you through the process of creating TSO Command Lists (CLISTS).
Inspect/Order TSO/E CLISTs: Basics, Applications and Advanced Techniques

[TSO CLIST Programming Language]
CLIST Programming

By Kurt Bosler

One of the few books still available on TSO-CLIST. The talented programmer will be able to benefit from this book.
Inspect/Order CLIST Programming

[TSO CLIST REXX Conversion Programming Language]
TSO CLIST to TSO REXX: Conversion Handbook

By Gabriel F. Gargiulo

For the programmer tasked with converting a TSO CLIST to REXX. There are similarities and major differences between the two languages. The author has programmed with the two languages, and has written a text to assist in the conversion process.
CLIST elements are shown, and the corresponding REXX element is shown on the facing page. CLIST functions and control variables are given, with their REXX equivalents. The differences between PROC and ARG are given. Example programs in CLIST and REXX are given.
The use of DBCS Data in both languages is shown.
Inspect/Order TSO CLIST to TSO REXX: Conversion Handbook

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