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Privacy. We respect yours and expect you to respect ours.

This site will not collect E-Mail addresses. This site will gather no information about you other than that which is automatically recorded in server logs.
IP address and browser information is recorded in server logs, and will be used without hesitation to identify and prosecute crackers, spammers, denial-of-service idiots and other lawbreakers.
Your E-mail will not be given to any other person or organization.
There will be no spamming from this site.
If we get your E-mail and mailing address from PayPal, Amazon.com, Half.com or other on-line service, it will be used to communicate with you only about your book or other item, and will not be sold or revealed to anyone else.

Sending E-Mail is not secure. Internet snoopers can pick up your E-Mail. (Some of the snoopers are paid for by your tax dollars. Have you heard of Carnivore?)

Do not post any personal information that you don't want everyone in the world to see!

We don't use cookies for ads,

We don't use pop-ups.

We don't use spyware.

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