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Read a minibook on SQL, REXX, DB2, TSO commands.
Improve your mainframe knowledge.

Scroll down to see the minibooks and tutorials that you can read or download.

Manuals and Tutorials from many websites

Books on Programming: DB2, REXX, SQL, Perl, Unix, CICS, COBOL, AS/400

HTML is a web page

  1. Just Enough REXX To Be Dangerous. Intro to REXX programming.    HTML

  2. Executing REXX thru JCL    HTML

  3. REXX and CLIST compared    HTML

  4. Setting up to Execute REXX    HTML

  5. Just Enough TSO/ISPF To Be Dangerous    HTML

  6. Running ISPF in Batch    HTML

  7. Just Enough JCL To Be Dangerous    HTML

  8. JCL Just Examples. This one is really useful! HTML

  9. Just Enough SQL/QMF/SPUFI (R) To Be Dangerous    HTML

  10. Writing ISPF Edit Macros in REXX    HTML

  11. How to Write REXX Procedures for QMF    HTML

  12. How to Use REXX Subroutines on the QMF Calc Panel    HTML

  13. QMF Cheat Sheet. Edit codes. QMF Commands, Text Variables, Usage Codes. HTML

  14. TSO Line Mode Commands (such as DELETE, HRECALL, ALLOCATE, Line Mode EDIT)    HTML

  15. Just Enough dump To Be Dangerous (with COBOL 390 and the Language Environment, this is much less useful)    HTML

  16. MVS Abend Codes    HTML

  17. Just Enough VSAM Return/status Codes/status keys To Be Dangerous    HTML

  18. More than enough Embedded SQL! What's New for Version 7: SAVEPOINT    HTML

  19. Useful Things you can do with Perl    HTML

  20. More things you can do with Perl    HTML

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