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CICS Customer Information Control System is the on-line transaction processing system of choice for large IBM installations.
CICS Transaction Server for OS/390 (CICS TS) better supports CORBA, JAVA and e-business.
It is powerful and efficient, but not very user-friendly.
These manuals will answer your questions.

For answers of greater depth, look at these CICS books
This page was last updated January 04 2014.

CICS Manuals and Tutorials

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CICS V5.1 Bookshelf at IBM Links to all other manuals for CICS. REXX, VSAM, developing applications, languages, (click on CICS Transaction Server for z/OS, Version 5.1, then select Developing Applications) 2013. A good place to start.

CICS Bookshelf at IBM Links to many manuals on CICS. A good place to start.

CICS Application Programming Reference SC34-6819-00 06/12/07 IBM 2007

CICS Application Programming Guide V3.2 SC34-6818-00 06/19/07 IBM 2007

CICS Application Programming Guide V3.2 IBM SC34-6433-01 07/27/05

CICS V3.1 TS Application Programming Reference IBM SC34-6434-02 07/26/05

CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V3.1 Java Applications in CICS IBM SC34-6440-02 07/07/05

CICS Redbooks at IBM List of books that you can view.

CICS, encyclopedia entry From Wikipedia History, sample code, technical description.

CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V5.1 CICS Messages and Codes IBM PDF. 2012.

IBM REXX for CICS. Guide and Reference for R1V1 1994.

REXX for CICS/ESA V1R1 Guide and Reference REXX for CICS IBM SH21-0482-00 07/26/94

CICS DB2 Guide How CICS works with DB2. SC34-6014-09. IBM 2002.

CICS Abend Codes from IBM CICS Messages and Codes GC34-6003-07 2004.

CICS External Interfaces Guide from IBM (SC33-1944-43) 2004 TCP/IP, 3270 transactions, bridge environment, EXCI call, DCE remote procedures.

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List of books on CICS

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