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  Just Enough REXX Tutorial
  Setting up to Execute REXX Programs on TSO/ISPF
  How to execute a REXX program
  REXX Boolean operators
  Comparison of CLIST language and REXX
  REXX Comparison operators
  REXX Debugging: the TRACE verb
  Reserved REXX Variables
  Executing REXX through JCL.
  Writing ISPF Edit Macros in REXX
  Just Enough SQL/QMF/SPUFI To Be Dangerous
  QMF Procedures Written in REXX
  Using REXX Subroutines with the QMF Calc panel
  Using QMF to Execute Your SQL
  QMF Cheat Sheet. Edit codes. QMF Commands, Text Variables, Usage Codes
  Embedded SQL. Short tutorial
  Executing SQL in a batch job
  Using Spufi to Execute Your SQL
  TSO/ISPF: Just enough to get you started
  TSO/ISPF: Running ISPF in Batch, through JCL
  ISPF Variables and ISPF Control Variables
  TSO Line Mode Commands (such as DELETE, HRECALL, ALLOCATE, Line Mode EDIT)
  JCL Just Examples.
  What is EBCDIC like? How is EBCDIC like ASCII? Hex codes.
  Useful charts and tables
  Mainframe Abend Codes
  VSAM and QSAM file status keys/codes
  SQLCODES and Their Causes
  REXX error codes (RC)
System Abend codes, Sqlcodes, VSAM/QSAM codes
Everything about the IBM AS/400 Midrange Computer - iSeries
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REXX is a powerful scripting language used in many of IBM's platforms. It is generally interpreted and is suitable for small-volume tasks. It is easy to learn and user-friendly. Often used to create batch files that execute system commands, such as TSO Line Mode commands or TSO/ISPF Services commands.

For answers of greater depth, look at these REXX books. A current book on REXX for TSO.
This page was last updated March 30 2014.

REXX Manuals and Tutorials

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Mainframe REXX

All IBM Manuals on REXX

IBM REXX Reference from IBM 2013

IBM REXX User Guide from IBM 2013

IBM REXX Reference SA22-7790-08 06/01/09

IBM REXX User Guide SA22-7791-01 07/06/01

Rexx Reference IBM Bookmgr Bookshelf: z/OS V1R7.0 TSO/E REXX Reference SA22-7790-06 07/14/05

IBM Bookmgr Bookshelf: z/OS V1R6.0 TSO/E REXX Reference SA22-7790-03 05/21/02

IBM Bookmgr Bookshelf: z/OS V1R2.0 TSO/E REXX User's Guide SA22-7791-01 07/06/01 Includes comparison of CLIST and REXX.

 TSO Line Mode Commands (such as DELETE, HRECALL, ALLOCATE, Line Mode EDIT) Cheat Sheet. Good background for REXX enthusiasts.

Setting up to Execute REXX Programs on TSO/ISPF

REXX and CLIST Tutorial

Six Rules of Thumb for Rexx from UIC Academic Computing and Communications Center Good idea to read this before writing a REXX program.

Classic REXX Tutorial from Kilowatt Software

REXX Reference manual by David Grund Excellent reference and tutorial for REXX. Plus many examples written in an excellent style. PDF.

REXX Compiler manual IBM Compiler and Library for REXX on zSeries V1 R4 User's Guide and Reference: 1.0 SH19-8160-05 08/25/03

Rexx Anywhere REXX Tutorial By David Alcock

REXX Tutorial By Jim Barry of Kyla Computing ltd Clear, excellent examples. Apparently nothing about REXX under TSO.

How to Write TSO ISPF Edit Macros in REXX.

How to Write REXX Procedures for QMF.

How to Use REXX Subroutines on the QMF Calc Panel

How to run REXX through JCL

REXX error codes Example: 40 Incorrect call to routine

IBM REXX/370 Compiler SAA REXX/370 User's Guide and Reference

DB2 REXX Support for Version 7 PDF

REXX tutorial in French. By Gilles HUNAULT. A REXX for the Windows environment.

REXX/400 AS/400 REXX

IBM Bookmgr Bookshelf: REXX/400 Programmer's Guide V4R1

IBM Bookmgr Bookshelf: AS/400 REXX/400 Reference V4R1

AS400: Running an AS/400 REXX program

Object REXX AS400: Object REXX for AIX Programming Guide

Object REXX AS400: Object REXX for AIX Reference


The Tivoli Netview Bookshelf. IBM Manuals

The Tivoli Netview Bookshelf. List of all IBM Manuals

Using REXX and the Tivoli Command List language PDF

Object REXX and NetREXX

Guide to Writing CGI Scripts in REXX and Perl



REXX for CICS/ESA R1V1 Guide and Reference

REXX for CICS REXX for CICS/ESA V1R1 Guide and Reference

REXX for Unix

from IBM 2013. PDF

z/OS V1R4.0 Using REXX and z/OS UNIX System Services (SA22-7806-03).

REXX IMC (Unix or OS/2) Tutorial. Hard to tell what operating system it is about. It is a few years old.


REXX and VM/CMS brief Tutorial

REXX for DB2

SQL statements in REXX programs from IBM

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Just Enough REXX Tutorial

My REXX Books

List of books on REXX

Books on REXX at Amazon.com

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