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Programming Manuals and Tutorials

Unix and Linux

Unix is the powerful and efficient operating system of choice of most web servers, including this one.

For answers of greater depth, look at these Unix books

Unix and Linux Manuals and Tutorials

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List of manuals on Unix from IBM

List of manuals on Linux from IBM

List of manuals on AIX from IBM

Linux: MQSeries for Linux V5.2 Quick Beginnings

Linux: IBM BookManager BookServer for World Wide Web for AIX and Linux: Getting Started Version 2 Release 3.

IBM Bookmgr Bookshelf: z/OS V1R7.0 Using REXX and z/OS UNIX System Services SA22-7806-08 07/13/05

Linux Tutorial for mainframers

Unix Tutorial. Good to start with.

Good list of Unix Tutorials.

Another good list of Unix Tutorials.

Unix Tutorial. Good to start with

Unix: IBM Z/os, S/390 and AIX manuals

Several Unix Tutorials, vi editor, regular expressions

Good Tutorial from U of Edinburgh

Unix Guru place - this looks good

Steve Parker's Tutorial on Bourne Shell Script Programming

Unix Tutorial by Selena Sol. This seems real good.

Unix Tutorial by Unix Education Center. Excellent examples

Unix Tutorial

APACHE & http Server Error Codes

Apache Tutorial in French

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List of books on Unix

IBM Redbooks on Unix