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REXX Built-in Function OUTTRAP

ALLOCATE a PDS/PDSE to a DDNAME that already has PDS's allocated to it. Add the new one.

/*REXX catnate                       last mod dec 99
  Use under OS390/MVS TSO
  this will concatenate
    a dataset name to a currently allocated ddname
  install in a REXX or CLIST library/pds
  execute before getting into ISPF
  it needs two arguments passed to it, DDNAME and DATASETNAME
  to execute from TSO line mode or ready mode:
  for example:

  if you can't execute by previous method:

  for REXX information, Sample Code, books see


  may be distributed freely provided this entire comment is included

  It is useful when you want to add your library/pds to the
  list of libraries/pds's currently being used in a TSO session
  for example, REXX libraries (ddname SYSEXEC)
               ISPF panel libraries (ddname ISPPLIB)
  If this doesn't work for your REXX library,
  you can use the TSO command

arg ddname_to_concatenate dsn_to_concatenate
/* initialize */
array_index = 0
array_index_max = 0
final_dsn = "" /*wot you actually allocate. */
first_dsn = "" /*the first lib/pds currently allocated to ddname*/
display_final_allocate_command = "NO" /*chng to YES if desired*/
found_ddname = "NO"
first_time = "YES"

call get_input_if_needed
call validate_input
call validate_environment
call do_listalc
call read_thru_listalc_output
call build_final_dsn
call try_to_allocate
exit /* logical end of program */

if ddname_to_concatenate = "" then do
   say "Please type in DDNAME to concatenate to"
   pull ddname_to_concatenate
if dsn_to_concatenate = "" then do
   say "Please type in DATASET NAME to concatenate "
   say "complete name, with apostrophes "
   pull dsn_to_concatenate
return /* get_input_if_needed */

if length(ddname_to_concatenate) = 0 then signal ddname_bad
if length(ddname_to_concatenate) > 8 then signal ddname_bad
if datatype(ddname_to_concatenate) = "NUM" then signal ddname_bad
if length(dsn_to_concatenate) = 0 then signal dsn_bad
if length(dsn_to_concatenate) > 44 then signal dsn_bad
if datatype(dsn_to_concatenate) = "NUM" then signal dsn_bad
if sysdsn(dsn_to_concatenate) <> "OK" then do
   say "Unable to use input dataset name" dsn_to_concatenate
   say sysdsn(dsn_to_concatenate)
   signal dsn_bad
   end /* sysdsn bad*/
call listdsi dsn_to_concatenate
if sysdsorg <> "PO" then do
  say "desired dataset" dsn_to_concatenate "must be a library/pds"
  signal not_a_pds
call check_likely_ispf_ddname
return /* validate input*/

if address() <> "TSO" then signal not_on_tso
if sysvar(sysispf) = "ACTIVE" ,
   & likely_ispf_ddname = "YES" then do
   say "Warning, ISPF has started. "
   say "may not be able to concatenate as requested"
   say "because ISPF has already allocated and it is impossible"
   say "to free and reallocate"
   end /* give warning*/
return /* validate environment */

call outtrap "line.", "*"
call outtrap "OFF"
return /* do listalc */

do i = 1 to line.0
  temp_ddname = substr(line.i,3,8)/*if LISTALC changes, this may too*/
  if temp_ddname = ddname_to_concatenate then do
    found_ddname = "YES"
    call load_array
    call have_found_ddname
    end /* found */
end /* do loop*/
return /* read thru listalc output */

do i = i + 1 to line.0
  /*if LISTALC changes, this may too*/
  if substr(line.i,1,2) == "  ",
    & substr(line.i,3,1) == " " then leave i /* new ddname */
  call load_array
end i
return /* found ddname */

i_minus_1 = i - 1
/*if LISTALC changes, this may too*/
if substr(line.i_minus_1,1,2) == "  "  then do/*only if dsn*/
   array_index = array_index + 1
   array_index_max = array_index
   array.array_index = substr(line.i_minus_1,1,44)
   array.array_index = space(array.array_index,0)/*drop spaces*/
   call save_first_dsn array.array_index

do i3 = 1 to array_index_max
  final_dsn = final_dsn "'"array.i3"'"
end i3
return /* build_final_dsn */

arg dsn_passed
if first_time = "NO" then NOP
else do /*first time */
  first_time = "NO"
  first_dsn = "'"dsn_passed"'"
  end /* else*/
return /* save_first_dsn */

try_to_allocate: /* think positive!*/
call check_attributes
if found_ddname <> "YES" then signal ddname_not_in_use
if first_dsn = "" then signal no_dsns
if pos(dsn_to_concatenate,final_dsn) > 0 then signal already_allocated
call msg "on"
if display_final_allocate_command = "YES" then
  "allocate ddname("ddname_to_concatenate") shr reuse",
    "dsname("dsn_to_concatenate  ,
     final_dsn ")"

"allocate ddname("ddname_to_concatenate") shr reuse",
  "dsname("dsn_to_concatenate  ,
   final_dsn ")"
if rc > 0 then signal cannot_concatenate
if rc = 0 then say "concatenation successful",
               ddname_to_concatenate dsn_to_concatenate
return /* try to allocate */

call listdsi dsn_to_concatenate
save_sysrecfm = sysrecfm;save_sysblksize = sysblksize
call listdsi first_dsn
if save_sysrecfm <> sysrecfm then do
  say "Possible record format incompatiblity, depending on MVS level"
  say "desired dataset has" save_sysrecfm
  say "currently allocated dataset has" sysrecfm
if save_sysblksize <> sysblksize then do
  say "Possible blocksize incompatiblity, depending on MVS level"
  say "desired dataset has" save_sysblksize
  say "currently allocated dataset has" sysblksize
return /* check attributes*/

if ddname_to_concatenate = "ISPPLIB" then likely_ispf_ddname = "YES"
if ddname_to_concatenate = "ISPSLIB" then likely_ispf_ddname = "YES"
if ddname_to_concatenate = "ISPMLIB" then likely_ispf_ddname = "YES"
if ddname_to_concatenate = "ISPLLIB" then likely_ispf_ddname = "YES"
if ddname_to_concatenate = "ISPTLIB" then likely_ispf_ddname = "YES"
if ddname_to_concatenate = "ISPTABL" then likely_ispf_ddname = "YES"
if ddname_to_concatenate = "ISPLLIB" then likely_ispf_ddname = "YES"
return /*check_likely_ispf_ddname*/

say "The ddname supplied," ddname_to_concatenate
say "is unusable. ddname must be 1 - 8 characters,"
say "first is a letter, rest letters or numbers"
say "no action taken"

say "The dataset name supplied," dsn_to_concatenate
say "is unusable. dsn must be 1 - 44 characters,"
say "and actually exist"
say "no action taken"

say "There are currently no datasets allocated to"
say "the ddname " ddname_to_concatenate
say "no action taken"

say "The ddname " ddname_to_concatenate
say "is not currently being used. Concatenation impossible"
say "no action taken"

say "The dataset name supplied," dsn_to_concatenate
say "is not a library/pds"
say "no action taken"

say "This REXX program will work only on OS390 TSO"
say "no action taken"
    may be freely distributed
    provided that this notice is attached.
    I am an independant consultant and trainer.
    For information visit the site

say "The dataset name supplied," dsn_to_concatenate
say "is already concatenated as requested. no action taken"

say "The ddname supplied," ddname_to_concatenate
say "cannot be freed and reused"
say "is may be currently open and in use by a program"
say "or not currently in use by your TSO session "
say "concatenation is not possible"
say "no action taken"

say "The dataset name supplied," dsn_to_concatenate
say "and the the ddname supplied," ddname_to_concatenate
say "have not been concatenated as requested"
say "Possible reasons:"
say "  The ddname was specified in the TSO logon procedure"
say "  ISPF has started and it is impossible to free and reallocate"
say "    files that ISPF is using"
say "  A program is currently using the requested DDNAME or DSN"
say "    and the file is open"
say "no action taken"

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