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[TSO CLIST REXX Conversion Programming Language]
TSO CLIST to TSO REXX: Conversion Handbook

By Gabriel F. Gargiulo

For the programmer tasked with converting a TSO CLIST to REXX.
There are similarities and major differences between the two languages. The author has programmed with the two languages, and has written a text to assist in the conversion process.
CLIST language elements are explained, and the corresponding REXX element, or nearest equivalent, is shown on the facing page.
If you have wondered how to use the Line Mode Editor to create and submit JCL in REXX, this book will show you.
Inspect/Order TSO CLIST to TSO REXX: Conversion Handbook

CLIST code examples from the book
REXX code examples from the book

The code is also on the CBT Tape, here. Scroll down to File # 931.

Conversion from CLIST language to REXX

This is the Table of Contents of the book TSO-CLIST to TSO-REXX Conversion Handbook.



Chapter 1: Discussion of Conversion							
1.1 Warnings, Traps and Pitfalls 								

Chapter 2: The Basic Features of CLISTS							
2.1 What CLISTS are Used for								
2.2 What CLISTS can Do									
2.3 How to Execute a CLIST									
2.4 Setting up to Execute a CLIST								
2.5 Physical Characteristics of CLISTS							
2.6 Passing Parameters to CLISTS								
2.7 CLIST Comments										
2.8 Continuation of Statements								
2.9 The Semicolon to Delimit Statements							
2.10 Upper, Lower and Mixed Case in CLISTS						
2.11 Variables											
2.12 The Literal										
2.13 The Label										
2.14 The Arithmetic Operators								
2.15 The Logical Operators									
2.16 Order of Evaluation of Statements							
2.17 EXIT to End your Program								

Chapter 3: Control Variables and Functions						
3.1 Control Variables that Return Information about the Environment			
3.2 Control Variables that Return Information about your CLIST program			
3.3 Built-in Functions										

Chapter 4: The CONTROL Statement							
4.1 CONTROL Statement, General								
4.2 CONTROL LIST										
4.3 CONTROL CONLIST 									
5.4 CONTROL SYMLIST									
4.5 CONTROL END										
4.6 CONTROL MAIN									
4.7 CONTROL NOFLUSH									
4.8 CONTROL MSG										
4.9 The syntax of the CONTROL Statement and REXX TRACE: Reference		

Chapter 5: Conditional Statements								
5.1 IF												
5.2 SELECT											
5.3 The Logical Operators									

Chapter 6: Looping										
6.1 DO WHILE										
6.2 DO UNTIL 										
6.3 DO incrementing a variable to a limit							

Chapter 7: Trapping Unexpected Conditions						
7.1 ATTN											
7.2 ERROR											
7.3 More Details on the Syntax of CLIST ATTN and ERROR, and REXX HALT and ERROR.	

Chapter 8: Transfer of Control Statements						
8.1 GOTO											
8.2 SYSCALL											
8.3 EXIT											
8.4 RETURN											
8.5 END											
8.6 Additional information on the Syntax of SYSCALL and CALL.			

Table of Contents

Chapter 9: Writing Subprocedures									
9.1 Purpose of Subprocedures										
9.2 Capabilities of Subprocedures									
9.3 Structure of Subprocedures									
9.4 Examples of Subprocedures									
9.5 Reference for the syntax of PROC statement in subprocedures, 
		ARG in REXX Subroutines and Functions.						

Chapter 10: Interacting with the User								
10.1 PROC												
10.2 WRITE												
10.3 WRITENR											
10.4 READ												
10.5 READDVAL											
10.6 TERMIN												

Chapter 11: Executing TSO Commands								
11.1 Overview												
11.2 How to Specify TSO Commands								
11.3 Return Codes											
11.4 Sending Commands to ISPF									

Chapter 12: File IO											
12.1 The Basics											
12.2 The ALLOCATE command for reading 							
	12.3 Reading												
12.4 The ALLOCATE command for writing 							
	12.5 Writing												

Chapter 13: Programs Converted from CLIST to REXX, with Explanations		
13.1 Quick Status Program									
13.2 Program to Cancel Batch Jobs								
13.3 Program to Build JCL and Submit it							
13.4 Program to Calculate Square Root							
13.5 Editor Macro to Hide Lines								

Supplement 1: TSO Line Mode (Ready Mode) Command Summary			
S1.1 Specifying Dataset Names in TSO Commands						
S1.2 ALLOCATE										
S1.3 ALTLIB											
S1.4 CALL											
S1.5 CANCEL										
S1.6 DELETE											
S1.7 EDIT (Line Mode Editor)								
S1.8 LISTALC										
S1.9 LISTCAT										
S1.10 LISTDS											
S1.11 PROFILE										
S1.12 STATUS										
S1.13 SUBMIT										
S1.14 REPRO											

Supplement 2: Definitions of Terms Used in this Book					

Supplement 3: REXX Program that Mimics CLIST PROC				
REXX Program										

Supplement 4: Programs that Use DBCS Data						
REXX Program										

Index, 	245

The IBM Manual on REXX/CLIST Comparisons

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