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REXX Functions Book

rexx functions book

All Built-in REXX functions for TSO REXX..
Clear, useful examples
Writing REXX macros
Compatibility issues in different platforms
Precedence of operators
TSO Commands

[functions REXX book]
The REXX Language on TSO: REXX Functions

By Gabriel F. Gargiulo

The REXX programming language includes built-in functions that simplify programming. REXX Functions let you manipulate data strings or do mathematics simply with a minimum of programming effort. This book explains 72 REXX functions that you can use in your REXX programs. This book is about TSO REXX functions, but we have included a few that work in CMS only. The examples are simple and clear and will show you how to use REXX functions in your programs.
This book is the companion book to The REXX Language on TSO.
This book covers all the built-in REXX functions. Introduction to ISPF Editor macros. TSO command reference. Publication date: August, 2013. Available at Amazon.com.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: How to invoke REXX Functions

Chapter 2: Functions classified by type
1. Character string manipulation
  1A. Retrieve information, don't change anything
  1B. Retrieving changed information
2. Convert datatype
3. Numeric
4. Environment, interact with
5. Environment: return information about the operating system
or REXX options
6. Files, interacting with

Chapter 3: REXX Functions

Supplement 1: Writing REXX macros

Supplement 2: Compatibility issues in different platforms

Supplement 3: Precedence of operators

Supplement 4: How to Execute TSO Commands

Supplement 5: Dataset Names in TSO commands

Supplement 6 : TSO Commands Classified by Type

Inspect/Order The REXX Language on TSO: REXX Functions

The book at Amazon.FR
The book at Amazon.GE
The book at Amazon.IT
The book at Amazon.ES
The book at Amazon.UK

Gabe is the author of several mainframe books:
REXX Quick Reference     REXX in the TSO Environment (Available new and used)    
The REXX Language on TSO
   MVS JCL (Out of Print)
Mastering OS2/REXX (Available new and used)   
ISPF Services: Using the Dialogue Manager, with REXX
   MVS/TSO (Available new and used)

Example Entries

C2D Function

SAY C2D(string) Converts string to a binary representation, then to a decimal value.

TSO and CMS Examples:

SAY C2D('B') /* 194 */

SAY C2D('b') /* 130 */

SAY C2D('82'X) /* 130 */

My REXX Language book

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