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REXX Reference Book

REXX Quick Reference Guide

rexx reference book

All REXX functions, instructions, reserved variables.

Built-in functions for OS/2, TSO and CMS.

Clear, useful examples of all REXX features.

Compatibliity issues across platforms.

[REXX book]

Rexx With Os/2, TSO & CMS Features. REXX Quick Reference Guide

ISBN 1892559080 Jan 2004 Third Ed.

Order REXX Quick Reference Guide from the Publisher, MVS Training (800) 356 9093

Inspect/Order Rexx With Os/2, TSO & CMS Features, Pub 2004 from Amazon.com

Gabe is the author of several mainframe books:
REXX Quick Reference     REXX in the TSO Environment (Available new and used)    
The REXX Language on TSO
   MVS JCL (Out of Print)
Mastering OS2/REXX (Available new and used)    MVS/TSO (Available new and used)

Example Entries

C2D Function

SAY C2D(string) Converts string to a binary representation, then to a decimal value.

OS/2 Examples:

SAY C2D('B') /* 66 */

SAY C2D('b') /* 98 */

SAY C2D('10'X) /* 16 */

TSO and CMS Examples:

SAY C2D('B') /* 194 */

SAY C2D('b') /* 130 */

SAY C2D('82'X) /* 130 */

LEAVE Instruction

LEAVE Within a DO END sequence, sends control to the statement after the END, thus terminating the loop in an orderly fashion. LEAVE ends the loop it is in. If it is in the innermost loop, it leaves only the innermost loop.



IF TIME() > "16:00:00" THEN LEAVE


LEAVE variable If LEAVE is found in a loop that steps through a variable, LEAVE may reference that variable. This makes REXX check to be sure the LEAVE is in the correct loop, and control leaves that loop.


DO I = 1 TO 100000

IF TIME() > "16:00:00" THEN LEAVE I


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