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The REXX Files


The Truth about REXX is out there. And in here.

REXX is a scripting language found in many platforms, including MVS, OS/390, z/OS, CMS, VSE, CICS, Windows, Unix, Linux, AS/400, and others.
REXX is generally interpreted, which makes development easy, but gives a performance penalty.
Compilers are available for REXX.
REXX has all the facilities of a complete programming language.
REXX is particularly good for processing data strings.
REXX is not datatyped: all variables may contain any type of data.
REXX data is either character (string) data or numeric.
There is only one type of numeric data in REXX.
Numeric data in REXX is processed internally in floating decimal format, so conversion does not take place.
There is information here about REXX books and programming.
The REXX Files REXXFiles
[The REXX Language on TSO book]
The REXX Language on TSO

By Gabriel F. Gargiulo

Available at Amazon. (Published August 2012). REXX for mainframe IBM MVS, OS/390, z/OS, TSO. Since there was so much demand for my TSO REXX book, "REXX in the TSO Environment," I decided to write a new one. This book will teach you the REXX language on TSO. If you need REXX for another operating system, you can learn REXX with this book because the differences are minor.
Inspect/Order The REXX Language on TSO at Amazon.com

[functions REXX book]
The REXX Language on TSO: REXX Functions

By Gabriel F. Gargiulo

This book is the companion book to The REXX Language on TSO, above. This book covers all the built-in REXX functions. Publication date: August, 2013. Available at Amazon.com.

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The REXX Language on TSO

REXX Function Book

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Comparison of REXX and CLIST


Writing TSO/ISPF Editor Macros with REXX

Running REXX in Batch with JCL

Setting up to Execute REXX on TSO/ISPF

Using REXX with the QMF Calc Panel

Using REXX with QMF Procs

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Site by a REXX nut named - REX!

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