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Books on Mainframe Programming
Mainframe Manuals and Tutorials
System Abend codes, Sqlcodes, VSAM/QSAM codes
Everything about the IBM AS/400 Midrange Computer - iSeries
Everything about CICS
Everything about COBOL
Everything about DB2 and SQL
Everything about IMS
Everything about Java and JavaScript
Everything about JCL and JES
Everything about REXX
Everything about zOS, VSAM, Tivoli, Assembler
  Manuals for VSAM
  Manuals for Tivoli
  Manuals for JES, JES2, JES3
  How is EBCDIC like ASCII? Hex codes. Tutorial.
  Books on the mainframe, MVS, zOS
Everything about TSO, ISPF, Spufi
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Manuals, books and links for mainframe topics. Assembler, VSAM, Tivoli, MVS, zOS.

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